The Scum In Us
April 6, 2018
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Aunty Vicky or Mummy Ngozi as she is sometimes called, is my Mother and one woman I consider to be a Wonder Woman.

This is a daughters celebration of her mothers ingenuity, while coming to the realization of everyone’s special faculty.

My mother is the best storyteller I have ever encountered. She told stories from the bible, narrated tales about the Biafra war, shared  her life experiences and sang the psalms to her children. All these formed a good part of my childhood memories.

She also had rich life experiences, from the south-south to south-east to west. Little wonder she converses in several languages. It was from her I first fell in love with the French language, not minding that hers was a basic knowledge.

One of her stories about the Biafra war  involved my late Uncle-a soldier (God rest him). It goes thus, “One day during the war, Uncle lay hidden between enemies lines. As he lay quiet, a huge snake (Eke) started to swallow him, but in one stroke he brought out his knife and cut it in two”. Several nights afterwards, I would lay down and ponder at such a remarkable story.

Hers is a legacy of rich stories, Godly upbringing of her children, tenacity, hard work and countless sacrifices. After I had grown past the age of rebellion and become an adult myself, I understood the beauty of family and began to appreciate the genius I have as a mother; who is still here for me/with me.

I now realize how sad it is that, we take for granted the uniqueness of  individuals we have among us; in the form of family, friends and colleagues. We forget to appreciate their distinctive presence in our lives. Because often, their special qualities are masked by familiar.

All in all, when we pay close attention, we realize that nobody does  it quite like another. Therein, lies our superpower.
This is what appreciating a wonder woman (human) -Mummy Ngozi, taught me.

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