December 21, 2017
February 4, 2018
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At 12am, I am browsing through social media; stalking, learning, smiling.

Based on a discussion with a friend earlier in the day about a poet, I embark on a mission of finding her, perusing her works and that of others like her. After a night of reading poetry, it is beginning to seem like my mind is experiencing a paradigm shift. You see, my love for poetry is as intense as my love for several other things.

The truth is, I am at it again like the most of us: doubting, wanting to cancel and start afresh, while wondering if we are on the right part. Whether you are a believer of reinventing oneself and juggling it all together or you think pursuing a single goal/ following a single part consistently until success, no qualms at all. Just ensure you know what you are about and have taken time to study and understand the process.

Although, mine is  the case of the multi talented. How I had gone  from wanting to be linguist, engineer, air hostess, project manger etc. and even now, continue to juggle between passion and ambition,
the knowledge that even if things can be easily grasped by me, not everything can and need to be done by me has not eluded my senses. This has involved lots of beginning anew, albeit uncomfortable so. But thanks to guidance from ( mentors and friends) every refurbished efforts has been worth it.
So, narrowing down what I want to do, sticking with them, daring to  call myself a writer and putting my words out there can all be termed few of my biggest wins this year. Overcoming the fear of being thought “not good enough”, that too was a win.

All in all, I think we are on this path to make a difference by attending to a need or  few of them, not everything. As the year winds down, I am struggling to count my blessings, applaud my small efforts, encourage myself, you should do same.
If you recount every little detail of pain and setbacks, don’t you think you should applaud every big or small headway made this year? search well, it is there.
And whether you believe in new year resolutions or not, this holiday affords you the opportunity to count your blessings and losses even, while re-strategising.

Because what really counts is that as the clock strikes 1st January, you should hit the ground running; whether you start from today or wait till the 1st of January, just start.
I hope 2018 becomes the year you hoped and prayed for.
A year of smashing goals and breaking barriers,
thanksgiving and breakthrough.

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” -vern McLellan

Cheers to another year in advance!


  1. Henry says:

    Hmm… very interesting and true. “Just start now”. Counting our blessings & wins, along side our tears, pains and fails… is the right thing to do.

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