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December 21, 2017
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February 28, 2018
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They tell you again and again how to wear your flaws, how to  hide or live with your imperfections.
Do they also remind you again and again how to wear your strength gloriously, do you think they feel threatened by it?

So, you end up dwelling on all your inadequacies and short comings. As if it is the flaws that makes a man, as if the shortcoming is all there is to a human.

They forget to tell you how to carry your strength; gracefully  like an eagle basking in the sky’s glory or like a lion taking pride in the vastness of the jungle.

Your weaknesses and strengths may lie side by side, but if you dwell so much on your strength it overshadows other failings. In the same vain, if you focus on the flaws, it begins to overshadow other marvelous things you are capable of.

They talk  about your broad nose,  how about how it compliments your glorious eyes.

They focus on your mismatched teeth, how about it brings to life the uniqueness of your bright smile, lightening the room each time.


Remember the rose and its thorn,
the coconut and its shell,
the palm kernel and its stalk,
the ivy and its poison,

And countless examples of  strengths and weaknesses, beauty and pain, lying side by side. See what happens when we focus on the  good.

In the same vain, you must embrace your flaws but also your strengths proudly and unabashedly; no more shrinking.

If you know how to do a thing, do it well. Let the world know, and Accept the attendant applause graciously.

Because if they tell you how to wear your flaws, I tell you – wear you strength even more so.

The one who made the thorns also made the roses, go on then and be the light of the world notwithstanding.

I don’t believe you are only made of imperfections. Strength, beauty and perfection also lies therein, which would you water more?

So, do not diminish your light
But be totally unabashed about it.
Time to look the world in the eyes
and prove your mettle.

If you “got it” baby, better flaunt it.

You have a better opinion or even a contrary one? let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to share.

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